I watched my horse thunder by, leg straps flying and thought “I hate that inexpensive blankety blank sheet”. My horse sweats in it, the mesh lining makes it shift and it’s got so many straps it’s a pain to put on and take off. The only reason I was using it was that I couldn’t get Horses in Black sheets anymore and the last one I had was on the other horse.

I looked around at my local tack store and online and found many different types of sheets but none of them seemed to have the all the features I wanted…

  • Proven waterproof/breathable construction
  • Durable materials
  • Great fit from a European style cut
  • Fastening that is easy to use and keeps the sheet on the horse
So Horses in Black 2.0 was born. I used the original sheet as a template and improved on it, adding an adjustable front closure and rip stop nylon lining for durability. The plastic covered tail cord not only allows for cleaning but helps keep the sheet from shifting on the horse.

My goal was to have a sheet that I wanted to use. And now you can have one too.