Premium 3-layer Waterproof Breathable Rain Sheet

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It fits. With a boxy Euro cut there’s room for your horse to move, and with an updated front closure with adjustment and elastic, there’s even more comfort for your horse’s neck and shoulders. It’s easy to put on and take off. With only the straps and buckles that are truly necessary to keep the blanket in the proper position, it’s quick and easy to dress your horse.



The finest performance waterproof, breathable items are made with a three layer construction: protective nylon outer layer, inner waterproof, breathable layer consisting of a membrane applied to a light nylon fabric and a lining on the inside of the garment to protect the membrane layer. Not only does this keep the membrane away from dirt and abrasion that will tear it, the three layer construction allows for air circulation between the layers, which facilitates the movement of water vapor from a sweaty horse to the outside of the blanket.

The outer 1000 denier Cordura® layer has a durable water repellant coating which helps keep water away from the inner membrane. The inner waterproof, breathable membrane has tiny holes such that water droplets cannot soak through. Additionally, seams in the waterproof, breathable membrane are sealed so that no water can get through the needle holes in the sewn seams as well. Sheets and blankets constructed in this way are not inexpensive, however they offer the best protection for your horse in rainy weather as being wet from sweat on the inside is just the same as being wet from rain soaking through the sheet!

For more than 30 years, CORDURA® fabric has been recognized worldwide as the fabric of choice for manufacturers of high performance gear and apparel. With its well-established reputation for toughness and durability, CORDURA® fabrics continue to meet the ever increasing challenges in both consumer and military uses including luggage, backpacks, boots, military wear, upholstery and performance apparel.

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72 inch, 75 inch, 78 inch, 81 inch, 84 inch

Outer Material

1000 Denier coated Cordura® Shell with a water repellant coating.

Inner Layer

Coated, waterproof-breathable Nylon® fabric that blocks rain from getting in while allowing moisture to escape.

Next to Skin

Ultra-smooth 1.9oz. Ripstop® Nylon.

Box Stitching

All webbing is box stitched standing up to most “blanket destroyers”.

Tail Clip

Improved, detachable, plastic coated bungee cord with quick-clip attachments for both effortless securing and easy cleaning.

Easy Closures

Larger, updated front closures with ample adjustment and elastic make it easy to fit while wearing gloves.

3 reviews for Premium 3-layer Waterproof Breathable Rain Sheet

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is a review on the old HIB Blanket because I STILL USE MINE. I purchased mine in 2003 and have not bought another heavy blanket since. 12 years and it still looks great and is completely waterproof. I would buy another one but mine is still in awesome condition. The only repair I have had to do is replace the back leg straps. Worth every penny! Glad to see you guys back! I’ll have to wait until I get another horse before I buy another one!

    • 0 out of 5

      You know, I was thinking that the durability of the HIB blankets and sheets was a good news/bad news thing for me bringing them back. Good they’re so durable, bad they don’t need replacement very often! Still, good to hear that you are still using your original HIB 🙂 Now about that new horse…. 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5

    Fabulous blanket. Fits my hard to fit TB perfectly, no rubbed shoulders for him anymore! Definitely going to buy one for the rest of my horses, I want ALL my horses in black!

  3. 5 out of 5

    I have two heavy blankets… a 78 I purchased for my old TB in the 90’s and a 69 I purchased for my Arabian. Then I bought a 72 rain sheet for the Arabian. I love these! I no longer have the TB but I always carry the 78 blanket with me as a spare. We are often camped out… in remote areas or in fields at events. Just this last weekend they kept the almost 30 year old Arabian snuggly warm and dry. The large heavy blanket took over for a friend’s horse overnight in wind and rain when her “other name brand water resistant blanket” failed. I call them my “portable horse garages”. You can’t beat a HIB.

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